Paid Media

Steer quality buyers toward your brand, foster pipeline progression, and secure recurring revenue through our finely-tuned Paid Media strategies.

Our approach revolves around hyper-segmentation, perfected for performance.
Our programs transcend mere exposure—focusing on cultivating genuine customer connections, not just lead counts. We’ve honed our approach to go beyond basic firmographic targeting, employing nuanced, data-driven strategies and a wealth of human insight to ensure your ads resonate deeply with the perfect audience segment primed for conversion.

Leveraging an arsenal of AI & ML models, and an average of 473 multivariate experiments per campaign, we pinpoint your ideal buyer with precision. This is not just paid media; it’s a tailored journey where each touchpoint is an opportunity for engagement and every dollar is an investment in building lasting relationships.

We meld sophisticated technology with the human element to forge campaigns that redefine performance and drive a pipeline brimming with potential.

Strategy meets scale.

Our average paid media campaign has an average of 473 experiments. We use hair-trigger rules, flexible algorithms, and daily human insight to optimize creatives & ads to the perfect audience segment that's ripe for conversion, but more importantly, whose lives will be most enriched by engaging with your solution.

Comprehensive Campaign Orchestration

We streamline the complexity of multi-platform paid campaigns into a cohesive strategy that maximizes your team's output and results without the need for additional personnel.

Precision Audience Engagement

Our strategies deploy advanced segmentation, matching high-intent business profiles with curated messages across the most effective channels to engage your best-fit audiences.

Strategic Experimentation at Scale

Elevate your market approach with extensive campaign experimentation, allowing us to uncover deep insights, optimize messaging, and refine creatives for peak performance.

Budget Allocation for Revenue Impact

Our approach to budget management is relentless in efficiency, prioritizing spend where it counts and reallocating resources to strategies proven to drive pipeline and recurring revenue.


Proven outcomes from our Precision-Driven Campaigns

Assent Compliance

We ran over 150 campaigns that meticulously combined high-impact paid social strategies with precision-targeted paid search efforts — ensuring cross-channel optimization. By segmenting the audience into nuanced categories and leveraging rich, multivariate industry-specific messaging, our campaigns dramatically enhanced engagement and conversion rates.

Decreased Cost Per Lead by 31%
Boosted Lead Volume by 45% and MQL Rate by 24%

We overhauled Trulioo's lead-generation strategy with our full-funnel approach, focusing on high-impact paid social campaigns. By sharpening audience targeting and refreshing creative assets via our Hybrid AI Media, we not only amplified brand presence but also streamlined their lead to MQL process and catalyzed pipeline growth.

Reduced Cost Per MQL from $2.5k to $500
Achieved a +64% increase in Pipeline Growth from Paid Media

By segmenting Anomalo's audience into 40+ different categories, we crafted a campaign that highlighted their platform's unique selling points with relevant messaging for each segment. Through rigorous experimentation with these audience segments and creative variables, we significantly enhanced engagement and conversion rates.

Increased ROAS per Opportunity by 2.5x
Achieved a -41% Decrease in CPC
Join the 40 other companies that trust The Matchbox to elevate their business in an AI world.

Our average paid media campaign has an average of 473 experiments. We use hair-trigger rules, flexible algorithms, and daily human insight to optimize creatives & ads to the perfect audience segment that's ripe for conversion. 

Our Core Values

Precision, Engagement.
Rather than leaning on the overused phrases like "results-driven" or "high-impact," our true distinction lies in our perspective on the ultimate aim of paid media initiatives. At the heart of our strategy is a commitment to not just any match, but the perfect alignment between your ad and its audience. This may seem straightforward, yet it's anything but. Our goal is to connect with the ideal buyer - not merely someone who will convert quickly, but an individual whose daily life will be profoundly enhanced by your product.

Achieving this level of precision and impact means going beyond the ordinary. It requires the creation of numerous ad variations and designs, each tailored to resonate deeply and set the right expectations for prospective customers. This approach ensures that by the time they enter the buying process, they're not just willing but eager to engage. It's in this meticulous crafting and refining of engagement strategies where we find our true differentiator, ensuring that the individuals who discover your product are those whose lives will be significantly improved and simplified.
Strategic Targeting & Scale.
Our approach starts with granular segmentation of campaigns, distinguishing by factors like location, market sector, and specific products. This segmentation enables us to design uniquely tailored campaigns. We then employ a sophisticated targeting process, combining LinkedIn and Meta's native capabilities with dynamic account targeting from CRM systems and intent data, to precisely reach audiences most likely to engage with your offerings. Through iterative testing of different audience groups, creative designs, and messaging, we fine-tune our campaigns, ensuring they resonate deeply with each targeted persona.

In the subsequent phase, we scale our most effective experiments, leveraging insights gathered from the initial testing phase to amplify reach and engagement across platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. This process includes refining spending strategies to enhance efficiency for each targeted persona, ensuring optimal allocation of resources. By continuously optimizing and reallocating budgets based on campaign performance, we not only boost the efficiency of our marketing spend but also significantly enhance the overall effectiveness of our paid media campaigns, driving meaningful engagement and conversions.