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Full-funnel approach reduces costs by 63%
Sliced paid media MQL costs by 80%, enhancing fiscal and operational efficiency.
Propelled paid media pipeline growth by 64%, significantly elevated lead conversion.
Boosted CTR by 32% using our Hybrid AI program and audience hyper-segmentation.
Decreased CPC by 18% and garnered significant learnings about audience preferences.
Embracing Trulioo's vision for data-driven precision, we crafted and executed a series of sophisticated paid media campaigns, utilizing advanced AI for creative production, and navigated a seamless transition to Google Analytics 4, setting new standards in targeted marketing and comprehensive analytics.

Precision-Driven Paid Media Strategy

In the domain of paid media, our strategy centered on hyper-segmentation to match high-intent business profiles with potent, curated messages across the most effective channels. We capitalized on's sophisticated targeting algorithms, honed through 382 experiments per campaign, to fine-tune a full-funnel approach, ensuring each touchpoint was a direct path to conversion for the most relevant audience segments.

  • Reduced Cost Per MQL from $2,500 to $500.
  • Achieved a 64% increase in Pipeline Growth from Paid Media.
  • Attained a 31% decrease in CPL and a 45% increase in Lead Volume.
  • Drove a 24% uplift in MQL Rate with cross-channel optimization.

Multi Modal Media Production

At the forefront of AI in advertising, we've seamlessly blended computational creativity with human design expertise to produce tailored creative content at scale. Our suite, utilizing AI tools such as Sora, Runway, Midjourney, and more, delivered personalized content variations with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

  • Achieved a 32% increase in click-through rate (CTR), indicating higher engagement and relevance of content.
  • Realized an 18% decrease in cost-per-click (CPC), demonstrating enhanced cost efficiency in targeting desired audiences.
  • Delivered hyper-personalized ad experiences to executive-level segments, boosting conversion rates and campaign ROI.

Google Analytics (GA4) Transition

Our strategic migration to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) was driven by the need for a robust, future-proof analytics platform capable of navigating the evolving digital landscape. We proactively transitioned to GA4, ensuring seamless data continuity and capturing richer insights with its user-centric, event-based model. Collaborating closely with Google Tag Manager, we developed and deployed numerous custom events, refining our tracking and measurement across over 15 distinct channels.

  • Successfully built out multiple custom event types within GA4 to capture intricate user interactions and conversions.
  • Worked with Google Tag Manager to build and implement custom events, enhancing the granularity of our data capture.
  • Tracked user interactions across more than 15 channels, leveraging GA4's comprehensive cross-platform capabilities.
For Trulioo, the impact of meticulously orchestrated campaigns and an analytical overhaul extends beyond impressive metrics; it is a testament to the power of strategic agility and technological adoption in sculpting the future of marketing efficacy and intelligence.
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