A/B testing is a legacy approach. 
We like to use the full alphabet.

Human designs, AI variations.

Our method combines the best of both worlds: core designs grounded in human creativity, scaled to hundreds of variations through our proprietary generative AI and ML processes.

This creative arsenal seamlessly feeds into our marketing campaigns, enabling us to deploy precisely targeted ads that resonate deeply with each audience segment. By analyzing performance data in real-time, we not only identify which variations drive the most engagement but also continuously refine our creative and messaging strategies.

This dynamic approach ensures that your visual assets evolve alongside audience preferences — enabling continuous iteration, reducing costs, and boosting engagement over time.

Tailored Video Production

Utilizing AI tools such as Sora, Runway, and Midjourney alongside Adobe After Effects, we offer rapid generation and execution of static & video content which is not only visually stunning but also tailored to the unique preferences of segmented audiences.

Efficiency and Innovation

Our workflow blends traditional design software with AI to enhance both creativity and turnaround times, ensuring your message is delivered with impact, without the long wait typically associated with high-quality creative or video production.

Paid Media Creative & Copy

Our Hybrid AI strategy showcases the power of AI to produce hyper-segmented creative variations, optimizing content for each audience segment to maximize engagement and ROI.

Professional, Quality Design

Our arsenal of design and AI tools, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, and AI pioneers like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, empowers us to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality.

the process

How it Works

Our approach is rooted in the belief that the future of advertising lies in the ability to scale creative solutions without losing the personal touch that resonates with each unique audience segment.

Whether for B2B or B2C markets, our suite of services leverages AI to create a myriad of media production variations, each tailored to the nuanced preferences of specific audience groups.

A Personal Touch

We begin with a human-driven discovery phase, engaging closely with clients to understand their unique needs and gather essential brand assets. This phase sets the foundation, ensuring that the creative basis aligns perfectly with your vision.

Crafted by Experts

Leveraging our team of professional designers, we create initial design concepts that embody your brand's ethos. This strategic blueprint paves the way for tailored, effective solutions, marrying human ingenuity with precise planning.

AI-Powered Creativity

Here's where our proprietary blend of human expertise and advanced AI tools comes into play. We scale the creative process, producing a plethora of variations in design, copy, and media. All on-brand, all finely tuned to the nuances of your target audience.

Rapid Multivariant Testing

The final step is all about agility and performance. With AI-driven multivariant testing, we deploy and iterate quickly, ensuring that each campaign is optimized for maximum impact. Rapid deployment across creative, copy, video, and paid media allows for real-time adjustments and fine-tuning, driving towards the best results in record time.


Proven outcomes from our multi-variant campaigns.

Assent Compliance

We ran over 150 campaigns that meticulously combined high-impact paid social strategies with precision-targeted paid search efforts — ensuring cross-channel optimization. By segmenting the audience into nuanced categories and leveraging rich, multivariate industry-specific messaging, our campaigns dramatically enhanced engagement and conversion rates.

Decreased Cost Per Lead by 31%
Boosted Lead Volume by 45% and MQL Rate by 24%

We overhauled Trulioo's lead-generation strategy with our full-funnel approach, focusing on high-impact paid social campaigns. By sharpening audience targeting and refreshing creative assets via our Hybrid AI Media, we not only amplified brand presence but also streamlined their lead to MQL process and catalyzed pipeline growth.

Reduced Cost Per MQL from $2500 to $500
Achieved a +64% increase in Pipeline Growth from Paid Media

By segmenting Anomalo's audience into 40+ different categories, we crafted a campaign that highlighted their platform's unique selling points with relevant messaging for each segment. Through rigorous experimentation with these audience and creative variables, we significantly enhanced engagement and conversion rates.

Increased ROAS per Opportunity by 2.5x
Achieved a -41% Decrease in CPC
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Our average paid media campaign has an average of 473 experiments. We use hair-trigger rules, flexible algorithms, and daily human insight to optimize creatives & ads to the perfect audience segment that's ripe for conversion. 

Customized Content at Unprecedented Speed
Hybrid AI exemplifies the synergy between AI's computational creativity and our design acumen, delivering content that not only captivates but also converts. This innovative approach allows us to rapidly produce content variations, ensuring each piece is meticulously tailored to its intended audience. The result is a highly personalized advertising experience that maximizes engagement and ROI.

Moreover, our client engagement process has been meticulously designed to make the most of AI's capabilities. From the initial consultation call, where we dive deep into understanding your brand and campaign goals, to the delivery of initial concepts and revisions, we promise unparalleled speed and customization. Our arsenal of design and AI tools, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma, and AI pioneers like Stable Diffusion and Midjourney, empowers us to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality.
Leading the Charge Towards a Hyper-Personalized Future
Beyond just providing services, we're committed to shaping the future of marketing. Our AI Integration Program is tailored to enhance creative productivity and content optimization, setting a new benchmark in dynamic, audience-specific advertising strategies. By continuously exploring growth opportunities in AI education and consultation, we aim to empower our clients and the wider marketing community with the knowledge and tools to thrive in this AI-driven era.

In positioning ourselves as thought leaders in AI, we're not just navigating the future; we're creating it. Our mission extends beyond service delivery to fostering a vibrant community of marketing professionals keen on exploring the potential of AI. Through thought leadership content, workshops, and collaborative platforms, we're building a foundation for continuous innovation and success in the AI-powered landscape of advertising and media production.

The future of advertising and media production is here, and it's powered by AI. With our Hybrid AI Media Production Services, your brand can navigate this new era with confidence, leveraging AI to unlock unprecedented levels of personalization, efficiency, and impact. Welcome to the future of creative advertising—where every campaign is a step towards a more connected, personalized, and engaging consumer experience.