case study

Assent Compliance

Dramatic lead growth, efficiency, and market agility.
Enhanced lead volume by 45% through targeted segmentation and creative optimization.
Reduced cost per lead (CPL) by 30%, maximizing budget efficiency.
Achieved a 25% improvement in lead quality via real-time Salesforce data integration.
Elevated paid search campaign performance by 35%, optimizing for high-intent queries.
In the fast-paced domain of B2B SaaS marketing, The Matchbox's collaboration with Assent Compliance stands as a beacon of innovation and strategic depth. By leveraging advanced integrations and analytics, along with a keen focus on budget and audience optimization, we charted a course to significant growth and efficiency in Assent Compliance's marketing efforts.

Sophisticated Salesforce & Pardot Integration

Beginning with a crucial integration of Salesforce & Pardot, we bridged vital gaps between marketing automation and CRM capabilities. This foundational step enabled nuanced lead tracking and insights, laying the groundwork for a data-rich, highly responsive campaign strategy. Key achievements included:

  • Seamless integration enabling real-time lead engagement tracking.
  • Advanced segmentation and predictive analytics driving a focused, high-conversion strategy.
  • Data-driven agility in campaign management, ensuring market responsiveness and trend adaptation.

Optimized Paid Social and Search Strategies

Employing a dual-focused approach, we harnessed the power of both paid social and search. By diving deep into audience segmentation and creative experimentation, we tailored our campaigns to resonate deeply with targeted segments, leading to:

  • A 40% increase in engagement rates for paid social campaigns.
  • Refined keyword strategy for paid search, yielding higher CTR and improved lead quality.
  • Continuous creative iteration, enhancing ad relevance and conversion potential.


Data-Driven Insights and Agile Campaign Management

The core of our success lay in the dynamic use of Salesforce data, allowing for rapid campaign adjustments and strategic alignments based on evolving pipeline. This approach not only improved lead quality but also enhanced the overall campaign ROI through:

  • Real-time data integration facilitating swift, informed campaign adjustments.
  • A 35% uplift in search campaign performance due to precise keyword and bid optimization.
  • Significant improvements in lead volume and cost-efficiency, reflecting the strategic synergy between technology and creativity.

The Assent Compliance case study is a testament to The Matchbox's commitment to innovation, efficiency, and strategic growth in the B2B SaaS marketing sector. Through our partnership, Assent Compliance not only saw transformative results in lead generation and campaign performance but also set new benchmarks for leveraging technology in marketing strategy.
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